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What is                                    (Germanic Apprenticeship Programs)?  
The German, Swiss and Austrian (Germanic) apprenticeship programs are known to be the world-class gold standards in apprenticeship training throughout the world. Many countries across the globe are trying to replicate Germanic Apprenticeship Program models, while communities here in America are exploring pathways to bring these disciplines to their regions.
German, Swiss and Austrian industries with subsidiaries across the U.S. recognize a huge gap in apprenticeship training standards in America and are taking steps to resolve this problem. They are concerned whether the quality of workforce training today in America will be enough to maintain future global competitiveness.
On June 5, 2015, the German and U.S. governments signed the Joint Declaration for Workforce Training at the German Embassy in Washington D.C.  The following month, on July 9th, the Swiss and U.S. governments signed a similar agreement. In an effort to comply with the request of German, Swiss and Austrian subsidiaries in the U.S.,  both the German and Swiss governments are now offering their world class occupational standards and apprenticeship programs to American communities. These important and historic events will help foster significant advancements in the U.S. apprenticeship movement.  
Just like exploring a mountain ridge, there are obstacles, adversity and difficult terrain to negotiate. Communities considering implementing Germanic Apprenticeship Programs will need an experienced guide who knows the path to the top!
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Implementing Germanic Apprenticeship Programs in the US takes preparation, confidence and calculated risks. Knowing how to overcome the challenges, obstacles and risks is the key to success!
Kamm Consulting's Pledge to Your Community
 ​Our Germanic Apprenticeship Programs will:
  • Maintain authenticity to assure maximum global competitiveness
  • Match the original content in substantive theory and practice
  • Implement a turn-key solution matching your specific industry needs
  • Be scalable to your community
  • Become sustainable and self-sufficient
  • Devise the most efficient method to serve your community's industry needs
  • Make a substantial impact on youth and adult career advancement
  • Strengthen your industries and economy
  • Attract other companies suited to your community's industrial strengths

Note from Founder Bryan Kamm
Your personal guide for successful implementation of                 

 "As a third generation German-american, I am the last in my family who speaks German. I owe my career of over 30 years doing business with German-speaking countries to my experience as a child and college student living in Germany, to my native German high school teacher, and to German professors who encouraged me to pursue a college degree in German and International Business.
While attending Florida State University, I held a German-speaking internship at the Florida Department of Commerce. In this position, a native German took me under his wing and mentored me for a full year. This was clearly a turning point in my career. At the conclusion of the one year internship, I was hired full-time as an International Representative to develop foreign trade and economic development with German speaking countries for the State of Florida.
While working with German, Swiss and Austrian manufacturers to locate facilities in Florida, I was exposed first-hand to the workforce advantages produced through the apprenticeship programs practiced in these countries. This experience also sparked a passion in me to inspire other American youth to discover their career aspirations while still in school and to make wiser career choices while launching earlier into their chosen careers."
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