Bryan Kamm
Founder and Principal GAP Consultant 

(Expertise in GAP Implementations in USA/Site Selection & International Partnering)

Your personal guide for successful implementation of GAP
Work Experience

Bryan holds an English Literature Bachelor’s degree with a minor equivalent in German literature from Florida Technological University, (currently UCF), as well as a Co-major Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management and German from Florida State University (FSU). While attending FSU, Bryan was hired as a student intern with the Florida Department of Commerce by a native German International Representative to assist German companies seeking manufacturing locations in Florida. After a one year internship, Bryan was hired as an as a German-speaking International Representative where he continued to work under the supervision of his German supervisor and mentor for seven years. In this line of work, Bryan was first exposed to the German Dual Education system while working with German companies who expected strong workforce qualities in the locations they chose in Florida. Through these experiences, Bryan developed a great respect and appreciation for the German apprenticeship and mentoring program.
His career experience includes 14 years in economic development, (8 years with the Florida Department of Commerce; 2 years managing a start-up economic development program for Seminole Electric Cooperative; and 4 years for the Pasco Economic Development Council managing corporate site selection of companies to Pasco County, Florida).
In the private sector, his experience includes 2 years in electric utilities, 11 years in the telecommunications IT software industry, 2 years as an independent software consultant, 6 years with a wholly-owned German deep foundation engineering and construction subsidiary, Bauer Foundation Corp. where he managed the implementation of the German Dual Education apprenticeship system. While with Bauer Foundation Corp., Bryan also help found the GACC South, Florida Chapter were he served as the Assistant Chapter Director from 2011 to 2013.

In 2013, Bryan worked with local stakeholders in the Tampa Bay area to raise $2.35 M to found and launch the  Tampa Bay Manufacturing Skills Inititiative, which later was rebranded as AMskills in 2015.

In 2015, Bryan founded Kamm Consulting and landed a site selection contract with RUAG Space in 2016 to assist the Swiss company in locating a manufacturing facility to the Cape Canaveral area to supply thermal panel structures to OneWeb Satellites. Together with RUAG Space and OneWeb Satellites, Bryan developed, founded and launched (SCCAP) the Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program and registered the program with the Florida Department of Education Office of Apprenticeship to begin in the fall of 2019.
Bryan’s hobbies include guitar, soccer, tennis, running, swimming, snorkeling and surfing, as well as designing and manufacturing surfboards and surfboard fins. Bryan has lived in Florida since 1967 where he met his wife of 41 years, Joyce. His son Trevor, and daughter Olivia are also proud graduates of FSU.

German Heritage

"As a third generation German-american, I am the last in my family who speaks German. I owe my career of over 38 years doing business with German-speaking countries to my experience as a child and college student living in Germany, to my native German high school teacher, and to German professors who encouraged me to pursue a college degree in German and International Business.
While attending Florida State University, I held a German-speaking internship at the Florida Department of Commerce. In this position, a native German took me under his wing and mentored me for a full year. This was clearly a turning point in my career. At the conclusion of the one year internship, I was hired full-time as an International Representative to develop foreign trade and economic development with German speaking countries for the State of Florida.
While working with German, Swiss and Austrian manufacturers to locate facilities in Florida, I was exposed first-hand to the workforce advantages produced through the apprenticeship programs practiced in these countries. This experience also sparked a passion in me to inspire other American youth to discover their career aspirations while still in school and to make wiser career choices while launching earlier into their chosen careers."

Bryan has 38 years of international and domestic business experience in corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. He was born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised in a military family. Bryan was nine years old when his father was stationed in Aschaffenburg, Germany for three years. His family lived outside of the base, in a small village where little English was spoken, and where Bryan learned to speak fluent German.  He later returned to Germany to complete two summer semesters at the University of Trier, where he further improved his skills in German.

Side Note and Fun Fact:
Tracing my roots back to Germany, and possibly even to a small town in Switzerland, I learned that the Kamm Stammname "family or root name" may have originated from a family clan that lived on the Gebirgskamm, (a word in German meaning "the ridge, crest or peak of the mountains"), and that some of the Kamm descendants from Switzerland migrated to north Germany with some continuing on to America.  This story inspired me to launch this website and business with a theme tying back to my Germanic roots, my Stammname Kamm, at the Kamm (Crest/Peak) of my career doing business with German-speaking countries.

​Background History 

  • Learned fluent German as a child in Germany during Father’s Military Assignment in Aschaffenburg, Germany, 1964 - 67
  • BA, English Writing/Literature with a German minor equivalent, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, 1977
  • Attended University of Trier/Georgetown Summer Exchange Programs 1976 & 1980
  • GOETHE Institute Deutsch Als Fremdesprache Zertifikat, 1980
  • Member of German Honor Society, Florida State University, 1980-81
  • BA, Co-Major in German and International Business, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, 1981

Time Line of Growth
  • ​International Representative for Florida Department of Commerce recruiting Germanic manufacturing companies to Florida 1980-1989
  • International Business Experience in Telecommunications IT Software for Major Accounts for GTE Data Services 1990 - 1998
  • Independent Contractor for International Telecommunications IT Software Projects 1999 - 2004
  • Business Development Manager for Pasco Economic Development Council 2004-2008
  • Started German apprenticeship program for German subsidiary in Florida, Bauer Foundation Corp in 2008
  • Student Apprentice Christina Chadwick, Bauer Foundation Corp. won the "GACC Apprenticeship of the Year Award" in 2012
  • Co-authored CTEF "Boarding the Global Train of Success Implementing the Dual Education System in America" 2008
  • Co-authored CTEF Innovation Training Center (ITC) White Paper 2012
  • Wrote Business Plan for the Tampa Bay Advanced Manufacturing Initiative (later rebranded as AMskills) in 2013 and solicited State and Regional County funding
  • Recipient of the Germany Friendship Award from German Consul General Juergen Borsch, signed by Ambassador Peter Wittig in 2014
  • Founded AMskills (American Manufacturing Skills Initiative) as Executive Director 2015
  • Co-Authored German Embassy White Paper entitled “The Skills Initiative: Expanding Apprenticeships in the U.S. – Lessons from the German Dual Education System” which was distributed at the Joint Declaration of Workforce Training signing ceremony at the German Embassy on June 5, 2015
  • Speaking Engagement at Harvard’s Pathway to Prosperity Institute Event on October 29, 2015 re: German and Swiss apprenticeship models being implemented in America
  • ​​​​Founded Kamm Consulting in November 2015
  • Contracted by RUAG Space to locate and establish manufacturing facility in Titusville, Florida in 2016
  • Founded SCCAP (Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program) from 2016 to 2018
  • Registered SCCAP with the Florida Department of Education in 2019