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Promotion of Apprenticeship Programs
Kamm Consulting Group is very active in local, state, regional,  national, and international communities. 

Founder and Principal Bryan Kamm has co-authored several white papers and documents regarding Germanic apprenticeships including the German Embassy White Paper The Skills Initiative: Expanding Apprenticeships in the U.S. – Lessons From the German Dual Education System,” published and distributed at the German Embassy in June 2015 during The Declaration of Workforce Training signing ceremony between the US and Germany, co-authored with Bob Lerman of the Urban Institute, a well-known authority on US apprenticeship programs.

More recently, Bryan co-authored the  Eurofound Future of Manufacturing “Mechatronics Apprenticeship Program of Festo Didactic –  United States”    with Bob Lerman of the Urban Institute. This document was one of two US case studies on Advanced Manufacturing (industry 4.0) apprenticeship programs that Eurofound, a european research institute that studies workforce and apprenticeship programs worldwide, hired the Urban Institute to conduct. The second case study, about the Oberg apprenticeship program in Pennsylvania was authored by Bob Lerman of the Urban Institute.  These two US case studies are further compared with 12 other advanced manufacturing (industry 4.0) international case studies in the publication entitled  
Eurofound Future of Manufacturing “Company initiatives to align apprenticeships to advanced manufacturing”.    For those interested in lessons learned from these 14 international case studies on the most advanced apprenticeship programs in advanced manufacturing, please click on any of these documents on this page, or you can find these documents and other similar reports on the News and Publications w ebpage. Also, on the News and Publications webpage, you will find a list of Kamm Consulting Group press releases and other pertinent press releases regarding apprenticeships.

Bryan readily advocates the advantages of apprenticeships on the political circuit and frequently participates in various trade shows, conferences and workshops.  He speaks regularly at many events across the US, and is available and interested in speaking at your next event to promote apprenticeships. To peruse a list of previous speaking engagements, please visit the Speaking Engagements webpage.

In promotion of apprenticeships, Kamm Consulting Group also organizes apprenticeship competitions like the 2018 IMTS Summit GAP Apprentice Competition, which was the first time an apprenticeship competition was held at the IMTS Student Summit. To learn more about Kamm Consulting Group Past Events  or other Upcoming Events , please visit the corresponding web pages.

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