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                                                Six Steps to Successful Implementation of 
(Germanic Apprenticeship Programs) custom designed for your Community
"Close the GAP" Services - one Step at a Time

Step 1:
Matter Expert &

  1. National Speaking Engagements
  2. Overview
  3. Community Assessments 
  4. Community Mapping
  5. Standards Mapping
  6. Motivational Speeches

Step 3:
Industry and 
Community GAP Consulting

Step 2:
Assessment Workshop

This workshop is designed to help a community understand the Germanic Apprenticeship Programs and how to begin implementation within a community. Key workshop topics are identifying community:
  • champions
  • stakeholders
  • supporters 
  • assets
  • platforms
  • spheres of influence
As seen in the Germanic apprenticeship models in Europe, a close collaboration and willingness to cooperate must exist between government, industry and education. This service focuses on educating these three strategic partners about the Germanic model and building a strong cooperation and trust between these groups to implement the program successfully within your community.

Step 4:

Every community and region is unique in its industrial make-up and economic strengths and weaknesses. Kamm Consulting can prepare  a Community GAP Analysis for your community identifying which industry clusters could be supported through GAP  standards. 

Step 5:

Step 6:
Business Plan Development

There are 340 German IHK occupational apprenticeship standards in Germany and 240 in Switzerland. Many of these standards are very similar from one country to the next, but some are stronger and/or weaker in content,  based primarily upon the industry cluster strengths of each country. Though the occupational standards transcend multiple industries, the key Germanic apprenticeship programs best known for their quality, strengths and standards are in the following industries:
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Information Technologies
  • Aviation and Aircraft Maintenance
  • Automotive Maintenance & Repair
  • Healtcare and BioMedical
  • Logistics
  • Banking
  • Insurance
These quality standards and apprenticeship training techniques can be customized to fit the US educational system and infrastructure. The key is to selecting the best benchmark standards, defining and understanding the roles of the educator, business and training center, and mapping the hours where the training is to be administered.
Kamm Consulting will prepare a Standards GAP Analysis to help customize the mapping of these standards accurately to your industry and community needs.  
Kamm Consulting can assess your community needs for GAP implementation and work with your community to prepare a business plan that will meet all essential requirements for your community to solicit stakeholder and funding support for your community's own GAP  initiative!
Other "Bridge the GAP" Services
International Business Partnering & Site Selection
Kamm Consulting
has many business contacts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and can help  "Bridge the GAP"
 to develop business contacts for companies and/or communities and/or assist in site selection.
Workforce Training Partnering
Kamm Consulting understands the need for industry to partner with federal, state and local workforce training entities and can help "Bridge the GAP"  in developing workforce training relationships.
International Exchange Program Partnering
Kamm Consulting
understands the benefits in developing international apprenticeship exchange programs for student apprentices, teachers and curriculum materials and can help"Bridge the GAP" to
develop these relationships.
Vendor Equipment & Training Partnering
Kamm Consulting
understands the need for authenticity to assure that the high quality benchmark standards in Germanic Apprenticeship Programs is maintained and can develop relationships to "Bridge the GAP" with the right equipment vendors that know the type of training required for specific industries.
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