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European companies seeking a location in the US face many challenges in determining the "most strategic"  location for their US manufacturing facility. Many times a company will locate close to a large customer because it is the most convenient decision, but often times, this decision is not the "most strategic"

Many factors need to be weighed carefully, before making the investment. Once that money is spent, it is very hard to pick up stakes and relocate without incurring multiple additional costs which waste not only valuable company assets, but also time and resources. Assets, time and resources which could be better utilized in increasing customer base and production which ultimately translates into revenues and profitability.

Kamm Consulting Group specializes in assisting small and mid-size European manufacturers, particularly those from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, in selecting the "most strategic" location which will provide not only a location,  but a location with the opportunity for growth and expansion based upon your company's unique needs.

The following simple questions must be weighed very carefully in order to find the "most strategic" location that best suits your company investment:

  • Where is your current and future market?
  • Which community will provide the required support to help your company succeed?
  • Which community is truly capable of providing the workforce talent pipeline for your company's future growth and expansion?

Kamm Consulting Group will help establish your manufacturing facility in the "most strategic" location which is best for your company's future growth and profitability.