Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program 
The Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program (SCCAP) is a State of Florida registered apprenticeship program offering apprenticeship opportunities in the following occupations:

  • Mechatronics Technician
  • Advanced CNC Machinist
  • Fiber Composite Technician

SCCAP is an autonomous sub-committee of SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. (SpaceTEC), who is the fiscal administrator for SCCAP. In addition, SpaceTEC is a certifying body for Advanced Manufacturing and Space, Aerospace, Aviation and Aircraft industries. For more information about SpaceTEC, please click on the following link  .

SCCAP is an industry-driven apprenticeship program led by a consortium of advanced manufacturers in the Space, Aerospace, Aviation, Aircraft and Defense industries, with a focus on implementing world-class apprenticeship programs in occupations that require higher levels of education to perform in today’s competitive advanced manufacturing environment. SCCAP's main focus is on automated manufacturing processes including CNC, mechatronics, robotics, additive manufacturing,  IT, Cybersecurity and other cyber-physical environments related to globally competitive Industry 4.0 technologies.

We believe that in order for our U.S. Space, Aerospace, Aviation, Aircraft and Defense industries to maintain global competitiveness, it is critical that apprenticeships and other work-based learning programs are developed to adequately prepare our local workforce talent pipeline. The workforce needs to achieve a higher level of proficiency in advanced manufacturing skills which are required in today’s highly competitive global economy.
SCCAP is currently recruiting apprentices for a Mechatronics Technician position at participating consortium member companies.

There are currently ten positions open at OneWeb Satellites, RUAG Space, Knight’s Armament and RocketCrafters. Ideal prospective student apprentice candidates are:

  • Students intending to start classes at Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) in the Fall semester of 2019.
  • Students will be required to attend a two week summer orientation scheduled for June 17-28 at EFSC.
  • Duing the two week summer orientation, students will attend a one-day training session each week at EFSC while at the same time working two days at a sponsoring consortium member company each week.
  • Prospective student apprentices who are selected for the summer orientation will be paid for their time during the two week summer orientation. This orientation will help students and employers assess the potential fit for student and company. At the end of the summer orientation, the sponsoring company will offer a two-year apprenticeship to the successful student candidate to become an apprentice (paid position). This offer will be made publicly at a signing ceremony to be scheduled in early July.
  • Selected student apprentices will be required to attend one full day of academic coursework and one full day Mechatronics Lab training at EFSC plus working three full days in on-the-job training at the sponsoring company each week

The schedule for this year’s recruitment is as follows:
  • May 2019: Student apprentice candidate identification and interviews.
  • Week of June 3:  Sponsoring company to offer two week summer orientation invitation to prospective student apprentices
  • June 17 – 28: Two week summer orientation to consist of one day training at EFSC each week and two days workplace mentoring each week.
  • Week of July 1: Company selection and offer to successful apprentices.
  • Week of July 8: Public signing ceremony.
  • August 12: Two year Mechatronics Technician apprenticeship begins coinciding with EFSC 2019 Fall Semester.

Students interested in becoming a Mechatronics Technician apprentice should send their resumes to Bryan Kamm at 
[email protected] .​

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