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The German, Swiss and Austrian (Germanic) apprenticeship programs are known to be the world-class gold standards in apprenticeship training throughout the world. Many countries across the globe are trying to replicate Germanic Apprenticeship ProgramTM models, while communities here in the U.S. are exploring pathways to bring these disciplines to their regions.
German, Swiss and Austrian industries with subsidiaries across the U.S. recognize a huge gap in apprenticeship training standards in America and are taking steps to resolve this problem. They are concerned whether the quality of workforce training today in United States will be enough to maintain future global competitiveness.
On June 5, 2015, the German and U.S. governments signed the Joint Declaration for Workforce Training at the German Embassy in Washington D.C.  The following month, on July 9th, the Swiss and U.S. governments signed a similar agreement. In an effort to comply with the request of German, Swiss and Austrian subsidiaries in the U.S.,  both the German and Swiss governments are now offering their world class occupational standards and apprenticeship programs to American communities. These important and historic events will help foster significant advancements in the U.S. apprenticeship movement.  
Just like exploring a mountain ridge, there are obstacles, adversity and difficult terrain to negotiate. Communities considering implementing Germanic Apprenticeship Programs
TM will need an experienced guide who knows the path to the top! Kamm Consulting has the most experience to get  you there.​​

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Site Selection Consulting                                          
Kamm Consulting Group offers site selection consulting services to European companies seeking to establish manufacturing in the US. We have developed a special niche for assisting German-speaking small and medium sized manufacturers who supply the automotive, aerospace, aviation, aircraft, commercial space and supply-chain logistics industries. 

Kamm Consulting has developed a network of economic and workforce development contacts across the US, and will liaison with these contacts on your behalf to help maintain the confidentiality of your project, until your company is ready to announce your new location. We can help your company find locations in any US State or region and make this process easier for you. We know the site selection process and will help guide you through the process to enable your company to make a smooth transition into manufacturing in the US. We also bring a number of SME (Subject Matter Experts) and partners together to customize your specific companies needs to establish the manufacturing layout and processes necessary to begin manufacturing in the US. 

Business Development Consulting
​Kamm Consulting Group has a strong network of US and European manufacturers based in the US, and offers assistance to help build the relationships between manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, aviation, aircraft, commercial space and supply-chain logistics industries.

Our Business Development services can assist your company in the early stages to develop the right business partner relationships for potential joint-ventures and sales opportunities, until your company is fully located in the US with the proper staffing to support these efforts.