The Beginning...
Kamm Consulting is the result of a lifetime career learning about the dual education systems in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria (that blends academic theory with practical hands-on learning) and experiencing first-hand the difficulties in implementing Germanic Apprenticeship Programs (GAPTM) in the U.S.
In 2008, while working for a German subsidiary in Florida, Bryan Kamm was responsible for implementing their apprenticeship program following the German dual education model. During development of this program, he organized several trips to Charlotte, North Carolina for local leaders to learn from the successful Apprenticeship 2000 model. He also arranged delegation trips to Germany and Austria to meet with government agencies, communities, companies and vocational training centers to gain more insight about their programs.  This apprenticeship program received local, state and international attention when one of the apprentices from this program won the prestigious GACC "Trainee of the Year Award" in 2012. The Tampa Bay area began to embrace the program, and with the help of local leadership, Bryan launched the Tampa Bay Manufacturing Skills Initiative which later became know as AMskills (American Manufacturing Skills Initiative), a $2.35M tri-county public-private partnership initiative governed by local county governments, school districts, community colleges and local manufacturers.

Kamm Consulting was founded in November 2015, and since that date, Bryan has been working to bring the world class Germanic Apprenticeship Programs (GAPTM) to the United States to enhance its communities.